PHotoEspaña /Fundación Contemporánea

The Finnish Museum of Photography


The programme is to be carried out by three European institutions with a proven track record in the promotion of international photography and visual arts. Together, the institutions boast a vast and complimentary experience in the field of photography: from international festivals organisers to centres tasked with managing public collections. All partners offer numerous activities for diverse audiences related to this medium year after year. Furthermore, Finland, Greece and Spain are countries that, owing to their geographical location bordering both European and non-European countries, are perfectly positioned to promote dialogue and serve as both point of entry or exit for Europe.




The Fundación Contemporánea is a Spanish non-profit foundation which aims to contribute towards the professional development of the cultural sector through research, meetings, debate, training and support activities for entrepreneurs. The Fundación Contemporánea also organise the PHotoEspaña International Photography Festival after XX years.

Since its inception in 1998, PHotoEspaña was conceived as a festival that springs from, and is rooted in, society. It is now one of the world’s great visual art events, as well as one of the foremost international forums for photography; its prestige, acknowledged by leading critics, has helped to make it an essential event on the cultural calendar.

The festival provides an extraordinary platform to discover photography projects, videos and installations by the most celebrated Spanish, European and international photographers and visual artists, as well as the work of new creators.

Since its first edition, the portfolio reviews programme Descubrimientos PHE has put emerging creators in touch with curators, conservators, gallery owners, collectors and editors from around the world. In response to the high demand of portfolios coming from Latin America, in 2009 PHotoEspaña, in collaboration with AECID – Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional para el Desarrollo (Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation), launched Trasatlántica: a programme that comprises two portfolio reviews per year in different Latin American, African and Asian countries.

The festival also runs programmes and activities of an educational nature, designed for new audiences and created the International Centre Alcobendas PHotoEspaña PIC.A in 2013, which offers an extensive programme of annual photography courses to over 400 students, from amateur level to post-graduate studies.




The Finnish Museum of Photography is the national museum dedicated to photography. It aims to promote and foster Finnish photographic art and culture. The museum, founded with the initiative of a number of photography organisations, began its work in 1969

The museum hosts exhibitions of Finnish and foreign contemporary photography, and presents the diverse history of photography. The museum education work underpins the exhibitions, producing photography and media-education projects for various audiences.

The museum carries out basic research on its collections and produces research publications. It also promotes Finnish photography research through collaborative projects with other research bodies, by maintaining a nationwide network of photographic researchers, and by awarding grants from the Börje and Dagmar Söderholm fund. The Museum also has a photography library for researchers.

Among its public and professional activities, since 2009, the Finnish Museum of Photography has been running annually one-day portfolio reviews for Finnish photographers inviting, in addition to a Finnish specialist, one or two international reviewers from the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania, Portugal, among others.

Additionally, the museum director and the chief curator review portfolios during photo festivals on a regular basis, at international events such as Rencontres d´Arles, Voies Off, Paris Photo, Vienna Month of Photography, Houston FotoFest, Montreal Month of Photography, etc.




EuroMare was founded in Athens in May 1994 as a non profit company. Its objective is to organise specialized international events, conferences and exhibitions focusing on cultural, educational and environmental development and exchange of knowledge. 

EuroMare has organised, among other projects, the Euromare Forum (1994-1997) in Piraeus (Greece), Rotterdam (The Netherlands) and Birmingham (United Kingdom) which promoted cooperation at European level on marine technology and environment for ports, and since then, it has been one of the very first companies to follow successfully all the rules of the Europartenariat programme, the first match-making event in Europe. In addition, from 2013 to 2016, EuroMare had been organising, in collaboration with Hellenic Art Galleries Association, Art-Athina, the International Contemporary Art Fair of Athens in Greece, one of the longest lasting contemporary art fairs in Europe, with over 40,000 visitors yearly and significant Greek and international art galleries, cultural institutions, curators, collectors, artists, and art critics. 

EuroMare’s long-term goals involve creating a department with focus on photography and visual arts, while its expert team will organise an international photography forum in Greece which will include exhibitions, meetings with artists and curators, workshops, and talks. 

Euromare is certified by TUV Hellas for Managerial Capability System as per ELOT 1429:2008 standards that acknowledge the managerial capacity of organisations in implementing projects of public (national or European) interest and their quality requirements.