• Transnational mobility and circulation
  • Instructing programme
  • Professional opportunities
  • Cultural exchanges and network
  • Intercultural dialogue

Transeurope works towards the following priorities, developing long-term collaborations and relationships with the creators, professionals and institutions taking part in the programme as well as with people from the countries impacted by TransEurope through the promotion of: portfolio workshop programmes, portfolio reviews, seminars, ateliers and meetings, travelling exhibitions and magazine.

Moreover, Transeurope helps photographers to further develop their skills and internationalise their careers in order to facilitate access to professional opportunities as well as to create the conditions for greater transnational circulation of their works, enabling people to gain new skills which will enrich their professional life and enhance their visibility in the labour market.



  1. Spreading the knowledge of photography from different perspectives.
  2. Acting as the promoter of photographic works produced not only domestically but also in other EU countries.
  3. Raising awareness of this European initiative abroad, through their connection with, and in many cases proximity to, other countries.
  4. Providing photographers with the necessary tools, through training programmes, to enable them to develop professionally and profit from transnational employment opportunities.