• Three portfolio reviews
  • 70 photographers selected in each country
  • 63 experts
  • Parallel formative program

Transeurope organizes three portfolio reviews in Finland, Greece and Spain. Once you have chosen which portfolio review you would like to submit your work to, there are a few steps for you to follow. Please take note of the panel of experts in each review, as well as the dates.

Designed for photographers of legal age who are from Europe or who are residents of any European Union country. For the Portfolio Reviews, there is a pre-registration fee. There is an additional participation fee for photographers who are selected for the activity.





If you did not previously create a user profile for the Preparatory Workshops, you will need to create a user profile in the Transeurope web. If you did it, you have already your profile.

Once you have created your user profile, you must complete your pre-registration by including images and information about the series that you wish to present to the call for entries.

First of all you have to choose the portfolio review that you would like to participate in.

Pre- registration fee. Cost: 20 euros
Form of payment: PayPal or credit card

If you press the link ” Inscribe Now” the system takes to the payment. There proceed to make the payment and there you can choose between do it py a PayPal Account or do it by your credit card

— You will receive an email with your payment confirmation, your password and information about the next steps to follow. Check your spam folder

Once you receive this notification you can create a user profile on the Transeurope web – Login -. You will be able to use this same profile to sign up for all the activities that you wish. Once you have created your user profile, you must complete your registration by including images and information about the series that you wish to present to the call for entries.  Please read the instructions of how to upload the photos
If you don´t make this step the jury wont be able to choose your portfolio

When the Portfolio Review call for entries closes, a jury will select 70 photographers to participate in each of the reviews. The organization will communicate the list of selected participants to all the photographers who submitted their work to the call for entries.

If you have any problem please contact with the coordinator of the activity, you can find the contact here




The reviews will be carried out in English or in the language of the country where the reviews are held. Translations are not provided you need to ask if there are any possibilty of having translators

The organization does not cover participant travel, accommodation, and other expenses.

If you have any inquiries about the process or participation, you may contact the organization as listed on the “Contact” page.

Participation cost: 80 euros
Form of payment: PayPal, credit card or bank transfer
Number of experts in each portfolio review: 21
Number of photographers in each portfolio review: 70


After the list of selected participants has been announced, the organizers of each review will contact the chosen photographers to complete the following process

The Portfolio Reviews will have a parallel program of tours, conferences, and workshops that all of the selected photographers are invited to participate in.