• Preparatory workshops
  • Portfolio reviews, formative activities and cultural visits
  • Travelling exhibitions
  • Magazine

Transeurope is a photography and visual arts forum for Europe, which promotes opportunities for professionals to meet and creates business networks in the fields of photography and visual arts.

The initiative consists in organising photography workshops, portfolio reviews, professional activities and three group exhibitions to favour exchange, mobility, visibility and cross-training among artists and international planners in North and Northeastern Europe, Eastern and Western Mediterranean and SouthEstastern Europe


Transeurope, is a platform for photographers and professionals to learn, interact and develop their work internationally. This forum for photography and visual arts borrows from the portfolio reviews formula as creative exchange.

Here is a breakdown of the various activities to be developed by the three partners: PHotoEspaƱa, Spain; Finnish Museum of Photography (Finland) and Euromare (Greece). The three entities working together in the realisation of TransEurope, coproducing and organising activities in each of those countries with transnational and international agents, and mobilising both agents and photographers as a result of the activities held in different venues in the three partner countries and the eleven remaining countries within the initiative’s scope of action.

Transeurope is a programme where photographers can:

  • Show their work to curators and editors
  • Receive personalized feedback on their work
  • Discover new tendencies in photography
  • Establish a dialogue with a community of photographers
  • Expand their professional network