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Portrait Puzzles
Diana Blok — Workshop

schedule: 09.00 — 18.00 H
Inscription: 200 EURO


Onassis Cultural Centre [Space: Workshop for Education Programs]

Address: 107 – 109 Syngrou Avenue
11745 Athens

With the support of

Onassis Cultural Center
Coco-Mat Company
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How much time do we need to prepare a face for the faces that we meet, to paraphrase T.S Elliot? Making a portrait is a process that involves a lot of un-masking as it were. For this reason, Diana Blok in her four-day workshop will work with participants in order first to exchange views on what makes a good portrait, and then through different exercises attempt to delineate it. Can you make a portrait of someone in his absence? How many masks does one need to construct or de-construct in order to create an interesting picture?
Themes regarding identity, role-playing, gender construction, and taboos will be touched upon, while the workshop will mostly focus on a hands-on experience discovering the important elements of a staged image which aims at showing a face or its many faces.

This Workshop will take place in collaboration with TransEurope Co-ordinators.

The programme:

  • Presentation of the expert’s professional career and short lecture on her work
  • Expert and peer portfolio reviews
  • Deconstruction of works
  • Creation of new work / hands-on experience discovering the notion of staged image
  • Examination of notions such as identity, role-playing, gender construction and taboos
  • Study, analysis and selection of the photographs taken

Why apply?

This intense workshop allows you to:

  • Receive guidance from an international expert
  • Get the opportunity to revise your existing work or create a new one
  • Get full focus on your work while being surrounded by like-minded fellow photographers and experience a strong peer-to-peer learning aspect

Exposure Opportunities

  • A (digital) showcase will be presented during the Transeurope Athens exhibition in November 2019
  • Depending on the stage of your work you will also have the possibility of being featured at one of Coco-Mat Company’s top locations around Europe.
  • TransEurope platform/social media and Eyesculture will further use their network to promote the participants’ work.

Who can apply?

his workshop is open to all those who

  • either have an on-going project and wish to develop it further (preferably in reference with portraiture), or
  • to any photographer or avid user of the photographic medium who is eager to approach in a new light any issue of interest that falls under the thematic scope of identity, role-playing, gender construction and taboos .


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Participation fee (395€): registration
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Pre-inscription fee to secure your place (200€)
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Diana Blok's work is composed largely of revealing portraits, so in time she developed a unique and efficient method of facilitating the creative process of portraiture with a personal approach. Her educational focus is on developing this method further in Europe and abroad.

Diana Blok was born in 1952 in Montevideo, Uruguay and lived in several Latin American countries before moving to Amsterdam where she developed her career in fine art photography, using it as a took for self-discovery.
From 2003 onward she taught fine art photography at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague, complementing with master classes and workshops in: University of Industrial Arts, Helsinki; School for Photography/University of Goteborg, Sweden; Rijksacademie, Amsterdam; Rietveld Academy and Centro de la Imagen in Mexcio City. Currently is guest teacher at the Masters Program of the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Publications include: Invisible Forces in cooperation with Marlo Broekmans , Blood Ties and Other Bonds, Adventures in Cross Casting, Ay Dios, Possible Paradise (2004) See Through Us
( LGBT life in Turkey, Time Tells ( a family history about war, trauma, identity and consolidation) and I challenge you to love me, portraits and stories sexual identity in Brazil today.
Her work is represented in major public and private collections and shown in solo and group exhibitions worldwide.