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River Routes

schedule: 09.30 — 18.30 H
Inscription: 200 EURO


Onassis Cultural Centre [Space: Workshop for Education Programs]

Address: 107 – 109 Syngrou Avenue
11745 Athens

With the support of

Onassis Cultural Center
Coco-Mat Bikes

Stop just looking at the surface and listen to the story of the ancient Ilisos river, flowing invisibly under the city of Athens after having been paved over decades ago. This four-day workshop will focus on sharing an approach which includes much more than taking a series of photographs of an urban setting. Archival material, maps, exchanging views with experts on urbanism are designed to be integrated in the project which will result from photographing on location; the purpose will be to depict the historical and environmental aspect of the matter or rather the mentality of a society in different phases as reflected in the river. Matteo Balduzzi, curator, and Panayiotis Lamprou, photographer, will be guiding participants in this process in order for all to detect the “routes” of the river, re-visit old images and create new ones with the potential of them becoming part of a larger project.

This Workshop will take place in collaboration with TransEurope Co-ordinators.

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