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Galani (Xanthi)

Impact through Extinction

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Coco-Mat Residence
Galani Village
Xanthi, Greece

With the support of

Coco-Mat Company
Coco-Mat Bike

A workshop for photographers & visual storytellers

Are you a photographer concerned with the topic of ‘Extinction’ in any shape or form, documentary or conceptually? Are you looking to move your work forward and find forms and new channels for distribution? Do you want to get a week of full focus on your work together with like minded peers under guidance and the Greek sun? Then continue reading.

Extinction is a situation in which something no longer exists. We talk about extinction of species or plants and worry about our own human extinction. Ideas, behaviour and social constructs can become extinct for better or worse. Extinction can also be seen more broadly as the elimination of anything that previously was.

Transeurope is teaming up with Transformations, PHMuseum, Coco-Mat Company and Fotomat to help photographers produce relevant visual stories and create exposure for their work. During a 5 day programme a maximum of 15 photographers will get the opportunity to  amplify the impact of their stories through personal coaching and collaborative practises.

This Workshop is part of Eyes on Nature Workshop Series/Eyesculture.com. It will take place in collaboration with Panayotis Lambrou, Creative Director of Coco-Mat Bikes and TransEurope Co-ordinators.


The Trainers

The main trainers are curators and educators Rebecca Simons and Eefje Ludwig, both founding members of Transformations and experienced photography coaches.


The Programme

The workshop programme will touch upon topics such as:

  • Finding relevant stories (beyond the cliche)
  • How to write good project proposals
  • Setting up project planning and impact goals
  • The importance and practice of editing
  • Finding partners and (the right) audience for your project

This will be applied to your proposed project (idea) on the theme ‘Extinction’, but where needed could also be applied to your general portfolio or other work. In an intimate and supportive atmosphere, you will take part in inspirational lectures, presentations, group critiques, practical exercises and editing sessions. Together we will move your work forward, consider suitable outputs, target audiences and create an impact plan. You will also have the possibility to producing new/ additional work during the week. We will also focus on bundling the forces of the group by creating a collective showcase around the theme.


Why apply?

This intense workshop allows you to:

  • Receive guidance from experts in the industry, with extensive experience in storytelling, producing, editing, curation, fundraising and coaching.
  • Get full focus on your work while being surrounded by like minded fellow photographers and experience a strong peer-to-peer learning aspect, in a beautiful, peaceful and visually appealing place like Xanthi
  • Receive a 20% discount on bookings on online private mentoring sessions with PHmuseum education program and get the chance to be featured on PHMuseum communication channels. You have the option of online sessions with PHMuseum mentors after the workshop.
  • The workshop includes a Fotomat session helping you with your online presence.

Exposure Opportunities

  • A (digital) showcase will be presented during the Transeurope Athens exhibition in November 2019
  • A digital showcase through an online website created by Fotomat.
  • Depending on the stage of your work you will also have the possibility of being featured on PHMuseum channels and at one of Coco-Mat Company’s top locations around Europe.
  • Transformations will further use its network to further promote the collective campaign.
  • TransEurope platform/social media and Eyesculture will further use their network to promote the collective campaign.
  • Networking with international experts and peers

Who can apply?

We ask applying photographers:

  • To have some experience producing your photographic projects and a desire to learn.
  • To have a basic understanding and speaking of English
  • To have a story idea or worked developed around the theme of ‘Extinction’.
  • To bring a portfolio of other relevant photographic work.


5-days Workshop

  • Number of participants: min. 7 – max. 15
  • Dates: 1st – 6th of October
  • Arrival day: Tuesday 1st of October (arrive before 19.00)
  • Departure day: Sunday 6th of October (no later than 12.00)

Check How to Apply

  • Deadline for submitting your application:30th of August
  • Your participation will be confirmed to you by: 1st of September

Payment options
Participation fees include accommodation for five nights

As soon as your participation has been confirmed (by 1st of September) you could either deposit the participation fee in two installments:

  • Pre-inscription fee to secure your place (200€) by 4th of September. Click on inscribe now
  • Second installment: balance by 20th of September.
  • or deposit the participation fee in one payment

    Participation fee and stay in private room (495€): registration
    (+20€ registration fee)

    Participation fee and stay in common room (395€): registration
    (+20€ registration fee)

    If you would like us to make breakfast arrangements for you for all five days, please note that it will be an extra 25€ in total.


    Coco-Mat Villa at Galani Village, Xanthi (Northeast Greece)

    Galani Village is near the town of Xanthi at the Northeast of Greece.
    The workshop will be held at a Coco-Mat picturesque villa, surrounded by a green landscape, where you can experience the natural way of living and working. Nearby runs Nestos, a well known river for its biodiversity that hosts many different flora and fauna species. It is approximately at a distance of 10-15min on foot from the house.

    Coco-Mat Bike will offer a wooden bike to each participant to move around during the days of the workshop!

    More info soon to be announced.

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