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Giulia Tornari — Workshop



Forma Meravigli

Via Meravigli, 5

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The aim of the workshop is to analyze the construction of a documentary project.
Students attending the workshop are invited to bring their own
ongoing projects: they will be examined during the lesson and
subjected to useful advices for their development.

From the research of the iconographic and journalistic sources
to the composition of the project and the research of grants
and funding; from the production and realization of the
materials (both video and photographic) on the field to the
editing; from the material’s distribution through various
channels (publishing industry, festivals, and so on) to the
research of cultural and economic partnerships to produce an
exhibition and a book.
Case history studies of fulfilled projects will be presented.
Language: italian
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Giulia Tornari has been an editor at Contrasto since 2005 coordinating staff photographers and curating numerous award winning photography projects at an international level. She supervises contacts with national and international publications. She has held courses and workshops at the leading photographic institutions in Italy and currently teaches at the IED (Istituto Europeo di Design) in Rome

She is the Director of Zona, an association who develops projects to boost social awareness in collaboration with NGOs, international organizations, public and private institutions, universities, and foundations. It supports the creation, development and production of long-term projects dedicated to a deeper understanding of present-day issues. It helps and supports professionals who interpret the realities that surround us. It involves the general public in themes relating to current events through exhibitions, publications, conferences, Internet and new media.