jun 24


thinking socially acting photographically




Onassis Cultural Centre [Space: Workshop for Education Programs]

Address: 107 Syngrou Avenue
11745 Athens

What led Bertolt Brecht and Walter Benjamin, almost one century after the invention of photography, to claim that a photograph of a factory is unable to describe and explain the human relationships existing there? How could one define and construct the synthetic contextual field which they considered as a solution to direct photographic representation? Taking into consideration these questions as a starting point, the workshop “Thinking Socially, Acting Photographically” aims to highlight and use those visual tools and strategies which could contribute to the possible bridging of photographic creation with socio-cultural content layers.

The structure of the workshop is twofold

  • A lecture which attempts to bring to the fore the dynamic spectrum of the photographic medium by demonstrating specific examples from its inception up until its more contemporary phase, in relation to the above-mentioned discussion. Special attention will be given to the importance of editing and narrative structure, the relationship between image and text as well as appropriation and re-contextualization.
  • A practical section where the participants collaborate in making a collective experimental piece for a given topic, by using diverse material which they will have selected, modified and composed with the guidance of the two instructors.

Ιn order to participate:

–     You need to register to make the inscription.
–     If you choose to pay by bank transfer we will notify you regarding the      procedure.
–     Only bio uploading is necessary. Images uploading is optional

Date: september ( dates to confirm)
Duration: 9hrs
Schedule: 09.30hr – 13.30hr and 15.00hr – 20.00hr
Places: 12 – will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
Participation fee: 60 euros