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Experiments with the Irrational
Clare Strand — Workshop

schedule: 09.30 — 18.30 H
Inscription: 200 EURO


Onassis Library

Address: 56, Syngrou Avenue
10558 Athens

Onassis Cultural Centre [Space: Workshop for Education Programs]

Address: 107 – 109 Syngrou Avenue
11745 Athens

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Onassis Cultural Center
Onassis Library
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Strand’s own working practice embraces the Absurd and Surrealist approaches – advocating the irrational, the unplanned and the automated. Her constantly evolving practice brings together intensive research, deadpan humour and insights into popular culture, shifting from the mysterious and the absurd to understanding public obsessions, often via trickery and manipulation. Recent works include machines to encourage entropy, web programs, looped films, fairground stalls and intricate photographic constructions focusing on, subverting, re-imagining and manipulating the mediums origins.

The workshop will urge you to explore random and intuitive image and text associations that go beyond conventional ideas of research and logical thinking. It is ideal for those who want to challenge their usual ways of visualising and who wish to expand their practice into new and challenging areas. If you’ve reached a sticking point this could be a chance to get unstuck! Participants are invited to bring an ongoing body of work for group and individual discussion. This workshop will involve the creation of a new group project and resulting short run publication made under Clare’s guidance.

This Workshop will take place in collaboration with TransEurope Co-ordinators.

Who can apply?

  • All those who wish to challenge their usual ways of visualizing
  • Anyone who has reached a sticking point in an on-going project and wishes to develop it
  • Anyone who is interested in working in a new group project resulting in a short run publication
    How to Apply

    • Deadline for submitting your application: 8th of November

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    1. In one installment by 11th of November

  • Participation fee 395€ (+20€ registration fee): registration
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    2. In two installments

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  • Second installment: balance by 18th of November.
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    Clare Strand is a Brighton (UK) based photographic artist who works within a conceptual frame. Over the years Clare Strand has developed a range of projects and books and has exhibited a consistent output of work in venues such as The Museum Folkwang , The Center Pompidou, Tate Britain, Salzburg Museum of Modern Art and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Her work is held in the collections of MOMA, SFMoma, V&A, The Center Pompidou, The British Council, McEvoy Collection, The Arts Council the NY Public Library, The Uni Credit Bank, The Mead Museum and Cornell University.

    She has produced 3 publications, Clare Strand Monograph published by Steidl (2009), Skirts published by GOST (2014) and Girl Plays with Snake published by MACK (2017).
    Passionate about photography, she has been keen to interrogate its boundaries and limits. Strand’s oeuvre adopts a heterogeneous style, working experimentally with and against the photographic medium inviting both triumph and failure.