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Experiments with the Irrational
Clare Strand — Workshop

schedule: 09.00 — 18.00 H
Inscription: 200 EURO


Onassis Cultural Centre [Space: Workshop for Education Programs]

Address: 107 – 109 Syngrou Avenue
11745 Athens

With the support of

Onassis Cultural Center
Coco-Mat Company
Coco-Mat Bikes

Strand’s own working practice embraces the Absurd and Surrealist approaches – advocating the irrational, the unplanned and the automated. Her constantly evolving practice brings together intensive research, deadpan humour and insights into popular culture, shifting from the mysterious and the absurd to understanding public obsessions, often via trickery and manipulation. Recent works include machines to encourage entropy, web programs, looped films, fairground stalls and intricate photographic constructions focusing on, subverting, re-imagining and manipulating the mediums origins.

The workshop will urge you to explore random and intuitive image and text associations that go beyond conventional ideas of research and logical thinking. It is ideal for those who want to challenge their usual ways of visualising and who wish to expand their practice into new and challenging areas. If you’ve reached a sticking point this could be a chance to get unstuck! Participants are invited to bring an ongoing body of work for group and individual discussion. This workshop will involve the creation of a new group project and resulting short run publication made under Clare’s guidance

This Workshop will take place in collaboration with TransEurope Co-ordinators.

The programme:

  • Creation of a new group project and resulting short run publication made under Clare’s guidance.
  • Presentation of the expert’s professional career and short lecture on her work
  • Expert and peer portfolio reviews
  • Deconstruction of works
  • Study, analysis and selection of the photographs taken

Why apply?

This intense workshop allows you to:

  • Receive guidance from an international expert
  • Get the opportunity to revise your existing work and be part of a new group project
  • Be part of the run group publication of the new project
  • Get full focus on your work while being surrounded by like-minded fellow photographers and experience a strong peer-to-peer learning aspect

Exposure Opportunities

  • A (digital) showcase will be presented during the Transeurope Athens exhibition in November 2019
  • Depending on the stage of your work you will also have the possibility of being featured at one of Coco-Mat Company’s top locations around Europe.
  • TransEurope platform/social media and Eyesculture will further use their network to promote the participants’ work.

Who can apply?

her workshop is open to all those who

  • Either have an on-going project and wish to develop it further.
  • To any photographer or avid user of the photographic medium who is eager to approach in a new light a new project and an accompanying publication.



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Focusing on photography in its many forms over the past two decades, Clare Strand has worked with found imagery, kinetic machinery, web programmes, fairground attractions and most recently, large scale paintings. She rejects the subject-based qualities and the immediate demand of information, so often associated with the photographic image, and, instead, and without apology, adopts and welcomes a subtle, slow burn approach.