Jens Friis


Independent curator, photo historian and publisher/editor. Jens Friis has a MA in History of Art and specialized in photography. He has previously been an active member of Gallery Image in Aarhus, Denmark and for a number of years he worked in a commercial gallery, Hamiltons, in London selling photographic art. From 2003-2016, he was curator in charge of the photographic collection at Museet for Fotokunst in Odense, Denmark as well as the artistic co-director of the Danish photo festival initiated by same museum. In the same period he was also the editor-in-chief of the magazine KATALOG – Journal of Photography & Video supported and published by the museum. Now in its 28th successful year, KATALOG is published by Jens Friis independently since 2015. KATALOG is part of Nordic Photo Festival Network and the European collaboration Parallel.
As an author, he has written numerous articles for the magazine. He has also contributed to the book Dansk Fotografihistorie [Danish Photographic History] published in 2004 and the chapter on Danish photography in the third volume of The History of European Photography 1970-2000 published in 2016. He is serving on several international nominating committees for awards as well as the advisory committee of the Spanish magazine EXIT.


Jens Friis is interested in all shapes of photography and visual media arts – prints, books, videos, installations, etc. He will discuss your work and might give you advice on how to develop as an artist. He may also facilitate publication in the magazine KATALOG and participation in group-exhibitions and festivals.