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Portfolio reviews
: 210 participants selected

Inscription: 20 euros
Participation: 80 euros

Helsinki: May 16 – 18
Madrid: June 4 – 5

Athens: June 21 – 23

Show, exhibit and publish your work.

Transeurope is a platform for photographers and professionals to learn, interact and develop their work internationally. This forum for photography and visual arts injects creativity into the portfolio reviews formula and turns it into an exchange among artists. If you present your work to the portfolio reviews in any city you can be selected and participate in different opportunities:

-Meet international experts to discuss your work.
-Show your audiovisual projection in PHotoEspaña 2018
-Visit Unseen in September 2018 and exchange professional contacts
-Be part of the three group exhibitions in PHotoEspaña, The Finnish Museum of Photography and PhotoForum Greece in 2019
Be published in the Transeurope official magazine in 2019
-Become part of the new European Photography Platform, Futures
-Have your own photographic gallery in the website

Get ready to make the most of this chances with the preparatory workshops held in different cities:  Belgrade,  Athens and Bucharest.

Participate and get the world to know your art work!

*Transeurope is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programe of the European Union

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